Marianas Reading Rooms

Reader-Centered Literary Experience: Read. Think. Talk. Share.

Marianas Reading Rooms

Reader-Centered Literary Experience: Read. Think. Talk. Share.

Marianas Reading Rooms


We are very grateful to our readers for their kind comments!


“I have always loved reading but usually without direction or purpose. While reading is a joy it can often be lonely so a few months ago I joined the Reading Rooms in Didsbury (led, guided and facilitated by the charming Mariana Casale O’Ryan) and the experience has been frankly amazing.” …More

From David Gilligan’s Blog (Reading Rooms at the Old Parsonage, Didsbury)


“You introduced me to a way of reading, questioning, understanding and being receptive to the written word that has made reading, for me, a much more fulfilling experience. Thank you so much.”

Wendy Levy (Reading Rooms in Didsbury)

“Thank you very much for organising this Beckett event, which no doubt all of us enjoyed tremendously. For me it was an introduction to Beckett and as such an eye-opener, one of those rare and intense intellectual and emotional aha-experiences that make you want to come back for more! Thank you very much again”

Stefanie Edler (Reading Rooms in Didsbury)


“Very stimulating stuff […] I also think there is something almost therapeutic about the way the group is run – I’d had an awful day on Tuesday and after the group felt much better. I think it’s the considered way the ‘human experience’ is handled which is no doubt a healthy activity [..] there is certainly something bibliotherapeutic going on.”

Mark McCann (Walkden Library Short Stories Reading Group)


“My feedback is unremittingly positive!! As you know I’ve had a rather ambivalent relationship with Beckett but after Saturday I’m a total convert – and that’s pretty much down to you and the group. I found it so valuable to discuss the plays before we went – it really helped me to engage with and respond to them on the day – and also really appreciated the opportunity to share my feelings and responses with others afterwards. […] And, as usual, you managed to bring out so many aspects and interpretations – it made the whole experience so powerful and meaningful for me. So many, many thanks.”

Val Harrington (Reading Rooms in Didsbury)


“La mejor hora de la semana”

Benjamín Colomer (‘Una hora, un cuento’, Reading Rooms ONLINE)

“You held us, by which I mean helped us to remain focussed with our thoughts and those of all the others. Presence is so important, as is the experience of being, as a group, with what we had jointly and individually experienced. […] I have always been attracted to the idea of group reflection after an experience – I am thinking about my own teaching experience, of course – but have never before had the opportunity to have this experience after a cultural event [Beckett Trilogy Theatre event]. So much of the value and power is down to the way you manage and hold us.”

Dave Wilson (Reading Rooms in Didsbury/Argentine Fiction Reading Rooms)


“Regarding my reading habits, I find I am not afraid to tackle what looks like a more ‘serious’ book (although I have never been a ‘Chick-Lit’ girl) and am more confident in forming opinions and trusting those opinions of the book I’m reading. I have re-read a few books lately and my involvement with them has been totally different from the first time. The Reading Group certainly enhanced my life-long enjoyment of reading”

Sandra Castle (Worsley Village Library Short Stories Reading Group)