Marianas Reading Rooms

Reader-Centered Literary Experience: Read. Think. Talk. Share.

Marianas Reading Rooms

Reader-Centered Literary Experience: Read. Think. Talk. Share.

Marianas Reading Rooms

Salford Community Libraries – Walkden

Walkden Library Short Story Reading Group
Walkden Gateway, 2 Smith Street, Worsley M28 3EZ
Tuesdays, 7.30-9.00pm
2016-01-03 (3)

£20 per series 

Books, handouts  and refreshments provided.

Contact Chris Carson: tel 0161 211 7132 /


Walkden series XIV

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 Series X
The Development of Modern Irish Short Fiction
William Trevor (ed.), The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories
Part 3: Defining Irishness in Post-Revolutionary Ireland
March 3rd
 Identity, Honour, Duty and Irish Independence
Frank O’Connor, ‘Guests of the Nation’
                          (Guests of the Nation, 1931)
                           ‘The Majesty of the Law’
                          (Bones of Contention, 1936)
March 17th    
Time, Memory and Irish Cultural Identity
Sean O’Faolain, ‘The Faithless Wife’
       (Foreign Affairs and Other Stories, 1976)
                        ‘The Sugawn Chair’
                (I Remember! I Remember!, 1961)
March 31st     
Man’s Inhumanity to Man: Nature, Loneliness  and Post-Revolutionary  Disillusionment
Liam O’Flaherty, ‘The Pedlar’s Revenge’
                         ‘The Fanatic’
(The Pedlar’s Revenge & Other Stories, 1976)
 Series IX: The Development of Modern Irish Short Fiction. Part 2: Anglo-Irish Relations and Class in the Search for a 20th Century Irish Identity: William Trevor (ed.), The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories 
January 13th   Society and ‘Art for Art’s Sake’: The Upper Classes, Leisure and Anglo-Irish Relations Oscar Wilde, ‘The Sphinx Without a Secret’(Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime and Other Stories, 1891)Œ. Somerville & Martin Ross, ‘Philippa’s Fox Hunt’ (Some Experiences of an Irish R.M., 1899)
January 27th   Joyce and the Modern Short Story par excellenceDublin Society and the Urban experience in the Search for a National Identity  James Joyce, ‘The Dead’(Dubliners, 1914)
February 10thQuestioning Social Mores, Anglo-Irishness and the Patriarchy Elizabeth Bowen, ‘Her Table Spread’ (1930)Mary Lavin, ‘Sarah’ (Tales from Bective Bridge, 1942)

Series VIII: The Rise of the Irish Short StoryWilliam Trevor (ed.), The Oxford Book of Irish Short Stories

November 4th   Ireland’s Strong Tradition of Mythmaking and Storytelling: Irish Folk Tales  ‘The hour of Death’‘Fionn in Search of his Youth’‘Cromwell and the Friar’‘The Girl and the Sailor’‘The Four-leafed Shamrock and the Cock’‘The Cow that Ate the Piper’‘Conal and Donal and Taig’
November 18th    ‘Anglo-Irishness Oliver Goldsmith, ‘Adventures of a Strolling Player’Maria Edgeworth, ‘The Limerick Gloves’
December 2nd Gothic Tales: Horror & the Supernatural, the Irish Way Gerald Griffin, ‘The Brown Man’Sheridan Le Fanu, ‘Green Tea’
December 16th Fin-de-Siècle Dublin Society through Naturalist Eyes George Moore, Albert Nobbs

Series VII: Beckett Special and Autumn Reading from Carlos Fuentes & Julio Ortega (eds.), The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories and J. Thomas & R. Shapard (eds.), Flash Fiction Forward


September 9th 

Flash Fiction

John Edgar Wideman, ‘Stories’ (p. 9)

Ismail Kadaré, ‘Before the Bath’ (p. 28)

G.A. Ingersoll, ‘Test’ (p. 189)

September 16th 

Latin American Stories

Clarice Lispector (Brazil), ‘Love’

Luis Rafael Sánchez (Puerto Rico), ‘Getting Even’

 September 23rd

Beckett Special

 Three of Samuel Beckett’s dramaticules:

‘Not I’, ‘Footfalls’ & ‘Rockaby’

(Performed by Lisa Dwan at The Lowry 23rd-27th Sept)

October 7th

Latin American Stories

María Luisa Puga, ‘Naturally’

Juan Villoro, ‘Coyote’

October 21st

Flash Fiction

First Impressions, On-the-Spot Reactions:

A choice of ‘surprise’ stories from Flash Fiction Forward to be read aloud and shared spontaneously with the group on the day.

(There is no obligation to read aloud)

Series VI. Summer Reading:Mind-blowing Transgressions:The bizarre and the fantastic in Latin American Fiction in Carlos Fuentes & Julio Ortega (eds.), The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories

 July 22nd  Interrogating the limits and boundaries of Representation: Author, Reader, Image, Text

Julio Cortázar (Argentina), ‘Continuity of Parks’ & ‘Blow-up’
 July 29th Interrogating the limits and boundaries of Identity, Time and Perception  Jorge Luis Borges (Argentina), ‘The aleph’
Julio Ramón Ribeyro (Perú), ‘The Wardrobe, The Old Man and Death’
 August 5th Further perplexities: stretching the limits of Logic, Fiction and Reality  Virgilio Piñera (Cuba), ‘The one who came to Save Me’
Alfredo Bryce Echenique (Perú), ‘A Brief Reappearance by Florence, This Autumn.’

Series VJourneys Around Latin America: The Good, the Bad and the ‘Exotic’ in C. Fuentes & J. Ortega (eds.), The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories

 June 10thIdentity and the ‘Exotic’ Other Gabriel García Márquez (Colombia), ‘The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World’
Hernán Lara Zavala (Mexico), ‘Mirror Images’
 June 24thPolitics & Violence:Constructing an ‘Enemy’  Rodrigo Fresán (Argentina), ‘National Sovereignty’
Sergio Ramírez (Nicaragua), ‘The Centerfielder’
July 8thPower, Language & Storytelling:Woman as Other: Ángeles Mastretta (Mexico),four vignettes from Big Eyed Women
Luisa Valenzuela (Argentina), ‘Panther Eyes’

Series IV. Space & Relationships: Language, Commitment and the Gaze of the Other in M. Bradbury (ed.), The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories

April 29th Tales of Desire & the City: Life and Death in Wartime London Muriel Spark, ‘The House of the Famous Poet’
E. Bowen, ‘Mysterious Kor’
May 13thFinding a Space: Constructing a truth. Angela  Carter, ‘Flesh and the Mirror’
John Fowles, ‘The Enigma’
May 20thCommunication: Fragments of Meaning Graham Greene, ‘The Invisible Japanese Gentlemen’
B. S. Johnson, ‘A Few Selected Sentences’

Series III. Context, Language and Relationships in M. Bradbury (ed.), The Penguin Book of Modern British Short Stories

February 25th

Finding an Identity: The Generations Game

Beryl Bainbridge, ‘Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie’

Kazuo Ishiguro, ‘A Family Supper’

March 11th

 Finding a Space: Gender Roles and the Gaze of the Other

Doris Lessing, ‘To Room Nineteen’

Fay Weldon, ‘Weekend’

March 25th

 Finding a Voice:  Experiments in Language, Meaning and Myth

Emma Tenant, ‘Philomela’

Samuel Beckett, ‘Ping’

Series II

A World of Difference. An Anthology of Short Stories from Five Continents 

(ed. by Lynda Prescott)

January 14th

Culture as Commodity and Perceptions of Displacement

Peter Carey, ‘American Dreams’

Nadine Gordimer, ‘The Ultimate Safari’

 January 28th

So Near and Yet So Far: How Other is the Local Other?

 Alan Sillitoe, ‘Pit Strike’

William Trevor, ‘The Distant Past’

February 11th

Relationships, Breakdown and Identity

Mavis Gallant, ‘The End of the World’

Raymond Carver, ‘What Do you Do in San Francisco?’

November 19th‘Exile and Identity’ Ana Menéndez, ‘In Cuba I was a German Shepherd’
V.S. Naipul, ‘One out of Many’
November 26th  ‘Getting across: Communicating beyond stereotypes’ Roxana Robinson, ‘Mr Sumarsono’
Zadie Smith, ‘Martha, Martha’
December 3rd
‘Culture clash, family conflict’
Amy Tan, ‘The Joy Luck Club’
Lorna Goodison, ‘Bella Makes Life’

December 10th

‘Cultural Tourism at home and abroad’

Bernard Malamud, ‘The Last Mohican’
Romesh Guneskera, ‘Storm Petrel’